Miller Group Launches Internship Program

August 31, 2022

In 2022, Miller Group initiated a new summer internship program in the hopes of delivering a well-rounded experience to young minds interested in the commercial real estate industry. Between hands-on experience, on-the-job training and shadowing opportunities, our goal was to provide opportunities to gain greater insight into the world of development, field services, capital markets and operations.

Miller Group’s inaugural eight-week internship position kicked off June 6, 2022. A majority of the summer was dedicated towards working with the Development department. Our intern had involvement in the entire development process, from entitlement all the way through fixture selection. Select days were identified to shadow Miller Group’s Senior Leadership, and attend meetings where acquisitions, funding and long-term opportunities for the company were discussed. Additional time was spent with the leadership team to learn more about finance and accounting as well as the internal operations of how to grow and run a company. Finally, our intern was responsible for a summer-long project in which a final look book was presented with a complete view of our current assets, redevelopment pipeline and the stories behind each property.

Carly Caceres, Chief Operating Officer says: “The internship program pilot proved to be a resounding success. We look forward to bringing on new intern candidates in the future to infuse more enthusiasm into the real estate market and help grow young talent to reach their potential.”

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